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XNA Lara is an outrageous device, developed by Dusan from Tombraiderforums.com) which belongs to Tomb Raider Underworld. With XNA Lara you can do any poses with Lara or other characters of Underworld you want to. You can adjust every single bone very easily with this program. Dusan was so friendly and allowed us to host his astonishing work. Since now you are able to find the newest version of XNA Lara and all the data packages here, which can be downloaded via our ReMoSitory file system. A tutorial will also appear here in the next few days. I hope you can understand that we are only offering the most recent version of Dusan's device. Special requests (especially for the former versions of XNA Lara) can be posted as a comment on the first page (below the newest news article).  Thanks.

Here's a link to Dusan's thread at Tombraiderforums, where really great pictures have been posted:

XNA Lara Thread - Lara Realtime Posing Programm

XNA Lara - Data Packs


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