Interview mit Camilla Luddington zu ihrer Rolle in TOMB RAIDER

Nachdem die Community letzte Woche die Möglichkeit hatte, Fragen an die neu angekündigte Synchronsprecherin Camilla Luddington zu stellen, veröffentlichte Meagan Marie heute das komplette Interview mit ihren Antworten bei Facebook. Das Interview gibt's in englischer Sprache unter dem weiterführenden Link.

Hier das komplette Interview in englischer Sprache:

Hello all!
As you know I (Meagan Marie) had the opportunity to chat with Camilla and Karl during SDCC, and ask her community questions posed through our various social media outlets. You’ll be able to hear all her answers via the next podcast later this week, but for now you can find the Facebook-specific questions transcribed below! Enjoy!

[Mike Pleat asks] “What was it like to work on the set with the cast of Californication?”

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: Well, thank you, Mike. It was amazing. I really did not know, again, what I was getting myself into, because you don’t… As an actor you don’t see the scripts for the entire season. You get them that week, you read it, and I would just flip through and be like, oh my God, are they doing this to my character? Are you kidding? But everyone on that set is so fun. I laugh as much off-set just hanging out with them, just as much as I did on the set and watching it. So it’s an incredible show, it’s such an honor.

[Petey Vendt] “How does Camilla feel that her and the developer’s take on Lara is different from the original? Is it an easier character to relate to on an emotional and motivational level for you?” So the original Lara compared to this new Lara.

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: Well… Again, we’re going back to Lara’s origins, and we’re rebooting it. I think she’s more relatable. The Lara in the past, she really did kick butt, obviously. But she didn’t feel that pain and despair that Lara feels in this game, that really drives her to have to do whatever it takes to survive. So… I think as an actress, that’s much easier for me to pull from, because you relate to it as a human being. Okay, your friend’s been killed or whatever’s happened, and now you have to survive this or you have to attack this person… I think that just, again, making her more of a human being helps. And hopefully the gamers will relate more to her, too, when they’re playing, and root for her even more.

Camilla Luddington Interview Shot

[Kevin Pulley] “I really believe Lara Croft to be the first sex symbol in modern games. Is that being abandoned in the new game? Will she be in so much trouble so early in her career that we won’t really see that glamor to her character?”


MEAGAN MARIE: Which I think is an interesting question, because obviously, the original Lara was…physically very much a sex symbol.


MEAGAN MARIE: But what’s your take on this new Lara…?

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: Well, I think I’ve said it before, that… I think her courage and her fearlessness is sexy. I think she does it in style, whether she’s in trousers or whether she’s in shorts. I don’t think that she’s not sexy in the game right now. Will she be wearing the hot pants any time soon? I don’t know, that’s probably not a question for me. But I think she looks great.

[Desiree Campbell] “Is Lara in the new game somehow modeled after Camilla, or was Camilla chosen because she looks like Lara?”

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: Yeah… Um, no? Absolutely not. She is not modeled after me. Because by the time I got the role, she had already been modeled. I think it just happens that I’m this brunette playing her, so people think that maybe there’s some similarities. But actually, no, she is not.

MEAGAN MARIE: Cleared it up once and for all. It’s a compliment on both ends, though, that works quite nicely.

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: I would love to lie and say yes.

[Christopher Jake Waller] “Being British myself, do you feel that because Lara is from a British background, that you find it easier to relate more and get into character?”

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: That’s a hard one. I think that, really, to relate to the character… You kind of just have to have those core emotions that every human being has. I don’t really think it depends on what nationality you are. I think that you just have to be human to really relate to her.

[Dale-Andrew Tucker] “From Lara Croft of Tomb Raider to Claudette of True Blood, how does it feel to be given the opportunity to play such large characters that already have huge fan bases? I know I’m 100 percent pleased you’re playing both of them, being a hardcore fan of both series…”

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: Well, thank you so much, Dale. It’s an honor, of course. I mean, I feel like I’m just one of the luckiest actresses to get to play such iconic people. So I thank my lucky stars every day, and I love… The best part about it is, honestly, meeting all the new fans of Californication, of True Blood, whatever it is I’m involved in. Tomb Raider… Meeting the fans has been amazing, because there really are such huge fan bases behind each of the things I’ve done. I’ve been so lucky to be part of those projects.

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TOMB RAIDER, welches momentan von Crystal Dynamics entwickelt wird, stellt einen kompletten Reboot der Tomb Raider Serie dar. Der Spieler wird die Ursprünge Lara Crofts kennenlernen und erfahren, warum Lara so ist, wie wir sie heute kennen. Das Spiel wird weltweit am 05. März 2013 unter Publisher Square Enix Europe erscheinen.